Hot Topic Buys ThinkGeek

Hot Topic Buys ThinkGeek

Timmy the ThinkGeek Monkey isn’t sad. Not one bit. He’s just trying to fit in with his new friends! They have got, shall we say, a darker taste in fashion. They shared his love of Star Wars, Doctor Who and Minecraft, so why not reciprocate? Oh, and $US122 million in cash didn’t hurt either.

Today, Hot Topic decided to buy ThinkGeek for $US122 million. Not a huge surprise: Arguably, they’re the top two companies that sell “clothing and accessories that celebrate popular subcultures”, for lack of a better word.

It’s not clear what will happen now: maybe we’ll get ThinkGeek retail stores, maybe the ThinkGeek brand will replace the dated ’90s Hot Topic brand, or maybe Hot Topic will assimilate its online competitor. Maybe Hot Topic just wants ThinkGeek’s Unicorn Meat and other custom-made exclusive merchandise? Could be. Can’t say yet.

Personally, I hope the outcome is one where ThinkGeek thrives — and Hot Topic gets more fun and relevant in the process. I’ve stayed a loyal customer because ThinkGeek always has a wonderfully curated collection of awesome toys and a fantastic sense of humour. It’s fun to shop there.

So don’t make the monkey cry, Hot Topic. Keep ThinkGeek alive, or we’ll never forgive you.

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