Gizmodo’s Weekly Australian Internet Update

Gizmodo’s Weekly Australian Internet Update

Here’s where we round up all the Aussie news around the ‘net about the ‘net, every week. Check in here for a quick primer on everything from piracy to privacy, data retention and what’s happening with the NBN.

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This week:

NBN’s Rollout Footprint Continues To Grow

This, my friends, is what it says on the tin. Nearly 900,000 “serviceable premises” are physically (or satellite-ly) connected to the NBN now, almost double that of a year ago. Nearly 400,000 of those have been “activated” — actually signed up to the NBN and presumably streaming some Ultra HD Netflix.

Steve Wozniak Opposes Data Retention

Speaking at the World Business Forum in Sydney yesterday, Woz — a founder of the EFF — said he was of the opinion that Australia is quickly going the way of the US in capturing and storing the data of its citizens’ smartphones and internet access. He summed it up well in saying: “My communication with my friends should be part of the private area that I own.”

Woolworths Mobile, Now On Telstra

Woolworths and Telstra have signed a partnership agreement, which means that one of the country’s largest supermarkets is getting back into the mobile game. Say hello (again) to Woolworths Mobile. Details on the new Woolies MVNO are scarce at this point. No plans have been outed as of yet, but it’s fair to assume that Woolworths would wade back into the pre-paid waters rather than offer post-paid plans.

Also in Australia’s internet this week:

Government Wants Site-Blocking Bill Passed In June

Dallas Buyers Club Will Chase Other ISP Customers Over Piracy

Government Moves To Boost Mobile Broadband Spectrum