CSIRO App Controls Your Appliances, Measures Individual Power Usage

Smart meters have taken us a step closer to "digitising" our power usage and making it easier to monitor just how much electricity we're using. CSIRO however is taking the concept further and in conjunction with app developer HabiDapt, is trialling software that will allow you to see the current power consumption of individual household appliances, along with a breakdown of usage costs, with the ability to turn them on and off remotely.

CSIRO is calling the system "Eddy" and is based on the idea of the "Internet of Things". All your high-power devices, such as air conditioners and washing machines, will be controlled from the app and each will report their current power usage and electricity costs via "mini smart meters".

The end result is an app that can provide "personalised insights and recommendations about [your] electricity use".

If you're thinking we'll have to wait five or ten years for this to be rolled out to consumers — think again. CSIRO is already trialling the technology under the name "HomeSmart" in Perth and Townsville.

If you'd like to check the app out, there's an interactive demo available via the HabiDapt website.

[CSIRO, via ABC]

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