Anthony Bourdain Is Opening A Food Market Inspired By Blade Runner

Anthony Bourdain's Opening a Food Market Inspired by Blade Runner

Would you eat at a market inspired by the 1982 dystopian classic Blade Runner? Master chef Anthony Bourdain is hoping you will. He's currently negotiating to open a market in the renovated 100,000 square foot SuperPier in New York. The floor plan is said to evoke "the set decor of Blade Runner and the vibrant back alleys of Tokyo."

"It is meant to be crowded and chaotic because that's what hawker centres should be," Bourdain's partner Stephen Wether recently said at a food conference in Singapore.

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The planned market is said to include an oyster bar, butchers specializing in various kinds of meat, a bakery, a tapas bar, a pastry counter and possibly even a beer garden. The market will reportedly be BYOR (Bring Your Own Replicant).

"It's a bit more chaotic than how the hawkers markets are organised [in Singapore]," Wether said. "Hopefully, it will be as crowded and popular. But it is supposed to be a mash-up of foods, styles, smells, tastes and visuals."

You'll have to wait a couple years for your Blade Runner dreams to become reality. The market (which also houses new Google offices) won't open until 2017.

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