Albert Einstein’s Handwriting Has Been Turned Into An Amazing Font

Albert Einstein’s Handwriting Has Been Turned Into An Amazing Font

Forget Myriad Pro, Helvetica or Futura. The only font you’ll ever need is designer Harald Geisler’s “Albert Einstein”, painstakingly crafted to match the “clear rhythm, even flow and soft curves” of the theoretical physicist’s handwriting. But Geisler wants to take the font even further, adding letter variations and upping the quality and hence, he’s fired up a Kickstarter for funding.

There’s no requirement to chip in if you don’t want to — the project hit its target of $15,000 with 35 days to go. It’s currently just above $25,000, so there’s plenty of dosh for Geisler to play with. Getting the font itself will cost $15, or you can splurge $10,000 on the top tier for, uh, no reason in particular.

So, how good does the font look in its current state? Here’s a comparison between one of Einstein’s papers and the prototype:

Pretty darn good! It’s the result of over six months of work analysing Einstein’s handwriting from the Albert Einstein Archives. A digital pen was used to “follow the rhythm of Einstein’s movement on paper”, providing a better result than hacking at it with a mouse.

Along with refining what’s here, the Kickstarter money will be used to add punctuation, numbers (a must you’d think) and mathematical symbols, making it a one-stop shop for all your theoretical writing needs.

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