Watch A Facebook For Windows App Being Built In Three Minutes Flat

We’re always being told (via the medium of pop-up ads) how easy it is to “make a top-10 app instantly” and “earn $$$ working from home”. But, as this video, which lasts all of three minutes and forty-two seconds serves to show, making an app can be really easy these days.

The app in question barely even qualifies as an app, in all fairness: it’s just a wrapper for the web version of Messenger, which Facebook launched yesterday. All Elmer Morales had to do was fire up Visual Studio, plug in a few parameters like what icons and background to use, and then direct the app to run a web version of Messenger.

Morales has posted the code to Github, so assuming you’re too lazy to repeat his steps yourself (or don’t have access to Visual Studio), you can follow his instructions to sideload the app onto your PC, if you feel so inclined. [Github]