The Tesla Model S P85D Achieves An Insane Speed With New Software Update

Holy. Crap. We knew the Tesla Model S P85D was fast, but this fast?! Try 250km/h fast.

One lucky Tesla owner updated the software on his P85D to with the 6.2 build and managed to achieve a speed of 247km/h on a speed run of the German autobahn.

What's interesting to see is how the car reacts to those speeds. Obviously being an electric car it depletes its own battery pretty quickly at those speeds and from the looks of things, it won't allow the driver to do it for too long. The overpowered mode turns the speedometer red as the Model S blasts through its battery, and lasts for around seven seconds before it backs off the speed and dumps it all into regenerative braking.

I love that with every update, the Model S just gets faster and faster. [Teslarati]

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