How To Up Your Snapchat Game

How To Up Your Snapchat Game

Some people suck at Snapchat. A lot. But others have serious Snapchat game. There are those people, whenever they send you a Snap, you drop everything and open it straight away. You can do that! Here are a few ways to up your game and avoid embarrassing moments where your Snaps are delivered but never opened.

Snapchat is about entertainment, so always keep it entertaining

Think about the way you flip through a photo album; you tend to flick past the pictures of buildings and landmarks and focus on the more dynamic images of events or group photos.

So funny photos of your cat, a group Snap of your friends at dinner or a completely absurd selfie are the types of Snaps that work well. Remember to keep the timer moderate unless it’s something that genuinely needs to be sent for ten seconds.

Don’t be afraid to send videos

Is your roommate singing along horribly to Taylor Swift in the shower? Is one of your friends drunkenly attempting a cartwheel at a party? Are you going for a walk on the beach at sunrise? Take a video of it!

Change up a Snap with the draw tool or with emojis

Many Snapchatters make the mistake of ignoring the excellence of the draw tool and of emojis. Do not be afraid to draw a moustache on a Snap of your dog or superimpose emoji eyes and lips over your selfies. The more ridiculous you are, the better.

If you’re at a hens/festival/rave/wedding, add lots to your Story

Got something big on this weekend? Then Snap away and add it all to your Story.

The Story feature allows you to do just that, tell your friends a story. People love festivals, weddings and similar big events. So if you’re going Stereosonic or your friend is getting married, do not be scared to snap and add a bunch of Snaps and videos throughout the day. You can even add a time stamp to a picture or video by swiping left or right on the send screen.

Timing is key

Don’t snap too much, but also not too infrequently.

People who Snapchat 20 times a day can be a little annoying and their Snaps get boring. People who Snapchat once a month may have a strong Snapchat game, but the infrequency of their Snaps makes them fall off the radar.

Ideally, you want to be sending Snaps at least a few times a week. More often if you have loads of cool stuff to share, less often if nothing is really going on. If you’re one of those people that likes to send Snaps all the time, try sending them directly to Snapfriends who also more frequent users. This is a better strategy than blanket sending to all.

Be random and ridiculous

If there is one social platform where you can be straight up Lady Gaga level weird, it’s Snapchat.

Get freaky people.

If you’re still questioning what makes a good Snap and what doesn’t ask yourself this — will this picture or video make someone smile or laugh? If the answer is yes, then it’s a great Snap, send it.

What do you guys think makes a great Snap?
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