Facebook's Latest App Is A Dialler With Caller ID For Android 

Facebook's Latest App Is a Dialer With Caller ID For Android

Facebook's quest to conquer your phone continues with Hello, a new dialler app that replaces the one that comes natively installed on your Android phone. And if you're not partial to anything, it's probably worth a try.

Facebook's endless app proliferation is tedious. (Tedious people call this proliferation "unbundling".) But the new Facebook dialler app introduces something you won't get from any other: Even if you don't have a number saved on your phone, Facebook can go look at its databases and see if it has a number match. If it does, it will tell you who is calling and show you the person's photo, even if you're not friends. It also makes blocking numbers as easy as a tap.

Sure, other apps add caller ID — but given how often I use Facebook as a directory for numbers I don't have, this one seems pretty useful.


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