Dodge Ram Trucks Available In Australia By The End Of The Year

Is there a desire for US pick-ups in Australia? Despite most being attached to their hardy, trustworthy utes, Fiat Chrysler, owner of the Dodge brand, has come to an arrangement with a "local distributor" to put that loyalty to the test by offering right-hand drive Ram trucks for sale here.

Speaking with's Joshua Dowling, Clyde Campbell of Fiat Chrysler NZ and once CEO of the business' Australian arm, verified that Dodge pick-ups will be available here and in New Zealand by the close of 2015.

He wasn't able to "confirm or deny and other partners", however, Dowling reports that Holden Special Vehicles "has been closely involved in the engineering process".

If you're wondering about cost, the article states that the first lot of vehicles will set you back $120,000 and will go up from there. If that busts the bank, you'll have to wait for cheaper options, which should become available over time.


Photo: Dodge / Chrysler

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