Apple Watch Sport Scratch Test: What Does It Take To Destroy This Screen?

It's Apple Watch day on Friday. Those who have put down payments on new wrist-computers from Apple eagerly await their deliveries, but none of them are quite sure just how durable the screen is. Here's a test that shows just what it takes to destroy the screen on the Apple Watch.

Unbox Therapy on YouTube snagged some Apple Watch Sport screens from Sonny Dickson to test how well they stood up to scratches. The video sees the Apple Watch Sport's screen glass subjected to everything from keys to a knife, through to two different kinds of coarse sandpaper.

It's good for the Watch Sport to be tested as it's made from a different material than the sapphire crystal glass on the Watch and the Watch Edition. It's a hardened competitor to Gorilla Glass known as Ion-X glass.

The glass is hardened against normal wear and tear from the key and even the knife. Turns out that all you need to scratch up your pretty Apple Watch is some sandpaper.

Skip to around 2:40 in the above video to get to the scratching action.

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