All The Best April Fools’ Day 2015 Jokes From Around The Web

All The Best April Fools’ Day 2015 Jokes From Around The Web

Being in Australia is tough sometimes. We can’t get anything shipped here, everything takes longer to come out, and worst of all: we have to suffer through two April Fools’ Days. Aussie tech companies had a few decent attempts at jokes yesterday, and now the big American tech companies are getting into it. Here are some of the more acceptable ones.

Samsung Galaxy Blade Edge

This is the real cutting edge. It’s the “ultimate cooking companion”, and features a diamond-edge blade and plenty of handles.

Docsend Dachshund

More April Fools’ gags need cute dogs.

PlayStation Flow

Still better than the PlayStation TV.

Self-Browsing Chromebooks

Google had a heap of stunts this year. This extension allows your Chromebook to “self-browse” and run amok on the internet.

Google Smartbox

Ok, this one actually made me laugh.

Google Fiber Dial-Up Mode

Remember when we used to make a cup of tea while we waited for the internet to load? Some Aussies never forgot, but Google is bringing that nostalgia back to its Fiber users with Dial-Up Mode.

Google Reverse Mode

Go to right now. Do it.

Airbnb Retro Mode

If Airbnb had been invented in the 1960’s, this is what it would have looked like.

CERN Working With The Force

If you thought that Large Hadron Collider was for discovering the origin of the universe, think again.

Did you see any good ones? Tell us in the comments!