Acer Has A Crazy New Gaming Tablet

Acer Has A Crazy New Gaming Tablet

Acer just released a kraken. Forty different gadgets — laptops, desktops, tablets, wearables, fitness trackers, mini PCs, monitors — for the upcoming back to school season. But the most intriguing was Acer’s mysterious new gaming tablet. The Predator.

Although Acer outed its new Android gaming tablet today, it really didn’t have much to say about it. We can’t tell how much power it actually packs, which is a shame. We were able to confirm that the tablet will come with four separate, front-firing speakers on the front for immersive surround sound and also haptic feedback for gaming. The 8-inch model is obviously aimed at NVIDIA’s Shield gaming tablet, which was a great little portable gaming machine with unfortunately shitty battery life.

Even though the specs are still MIA, the Predator tablets look neat. Very sci-fi. Quite a departure from Acer’s typically bland Iconia tablet line.

The tablet is part of a new line of Predator products that includes two monstrous 15-inch and 17-inch gaming laptops and a curved 35-inch 21:9 gaming monitor. The tablet won’t be available until sometime in Q3. Here are just a few pics of the tablet, 15-inch laptop, and desktop PC so you can see the new design language.

In addition to crazy gaming machines, Acer is updating loads of laptops, and adding a few super cheap Switch and Aspire R11 series laptop/tablet hybrids that start at just $US250. (Yep, cheap laptops are looking pretty good this year.) Also, Acer’s excellent big screen 15-inch Chromebook now comes with a nifty, high-end Intel Core i5 option. Oh, and Acer’s flagship smartphone, the Liquid X2, is coming to the United States. It’s got three sim slots.

So. Many. Gadgets.