7 Machines That Are Meta As Hell 

7 Machines That Are Meta As Hell 

What’s better then a monster machine? A meta machine. Here are a bunch of machines that really took the advice “Just do you!” to heart.

A train that lays its own tracks

You can tell just how much this machine loves Fleetwood Mac by how it’s Going Its Own Way.

A ship that ships ships

Whatever floats your boat!

A crane that cranes itself

You can’t always rely on others to build you up.

Trucks truckin’ trucks


Mothertruckin’ intense.

A 3D printer that (sorta) prints printers


It can only print the plastic parts, but that’s a promising step toward a self-sustaining robo-apocalypse!

A plane that flies planes

It’s just plane impressive.

Every multi-stage rocket ever

Can you help a brotha out… of the atmosphere??!?!?!