10 Episodes Of Doctor Who Released On BitTorrent... By The BBC

The BBC has been very accommodating when it comes to providing access to the very latest in Doctor Who content. But how about the not-so-new? Turns out the broadcaster is more than happy to embrace the internet's strengths: it has made available 10 episodes of the most recent season via BitTorrent.

Now, I know there's an automatic association of "free" when the word "BitTorrent" (or even just "torrent") is mentioned and while you do get a few goodies at no cost, you will have to fork out a few coins to get the whole thing.

As a teaser, the 10-episode set comes with a short intro video featuring the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi, as well as a preview of the first instalment, "Rose". Beyond that, you'll need to pay $US12 to get everything else.

As TV Tonight's David Knox notes, you can either stream the clips, or just download them for viewing later. There's no mention of the quality of the videos, but going by the previews it appears to be rather high.

[BitTorrent, via TV Tonight]

Image: BBC

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