You Can Now Play Cards Against Humanity Online With Anyone For Free

You Can Now Play Cards Against Humanity Online With Anyone For Free

When Cards Against Humanity was first released to the world, it was made available under a Creative Commons licence that meant that anyone could simply print our their own copy of the game. Or, as designer Dawson Whitfield did, turn it into an online browser-based web app so that anyone can play it against their friends using a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Cards Against Originality, as it's cleverly called, is played exactly like the card game, except that you and your friends don't need a stack of cards. Instead, you can all just whip out your smartphones, laptops or tablets while you're all in the same room -- or at least within earshot. One player needs to set up a new game and then send its custom link to everyone else who wants to play, but there's no app that needs to be bought and installed, no iOS versus Android incompatibilities, and no reason to spend the rest of your day doing any actual work. [Cards Against Originality via Taxi]


    And it looks like the internet broke the poor bastards site.

    On a related note, Card Cast is awesome!
    Works between iOS and Android, free for both, all you need is a chromecast (which everyone should go out and buy regardless, it's amazing). I think this works better for a party type situation, it seems more social, like the TV is the game board, devices are just for inputting answers. Even better, you can add in all the expansions and user made decks, we've had a lot of fun with this app.

      The reviews on the Play Store tell a very different story.

        I see, that's a shame then. Oh well, disregard my last comment, devs selling out for money ruined it :\

          It really is a shame. The whole idea is meant to be creative commons, and then some douchebag dev decides he's gonna make money off it.

    Pretend You're Xyzzy has had this for years but an official is cool.
    I like all the bonus community made packs on Xyzzy...

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