What's The Most Convincing Phishing Scam You've Ever Seen?

What's the Most Convincing Phishing Scam You've Ever Seen?

Phishing scams are often obvious. For example, a hacker bot just emailed some Gizmodo writers with the subject line: "Send your full contact informations for a do na ti on claims." LOL not a chance. But dangerously convincing phishing scams definitely exist.

Last year, a pair of shockingly convincing phishing scam targeted Google and Apple users. One used a google.com URL to trick people into signing into their Google Drive accounts. Another used an almost identical log in screen to catch people's Apple passwords.

Regardless of the methods, phishing scams are some of the most dangerous weapons in a hacker's arsenal. It's the type of thing they use to rob banks for billions of dollars. So tell us: Have you ever come across a phishing scam that almost made you bite?


    My most convincing experience was when I logged into a 'Netbank' clone this morning after receiving an email that said my account number and password had changed. It stated my client number was 78384923 and my password was reset to 480273gb but I knew I hadn't changed it, so I typed in 62789023 and 837288dd and it worked... but i didnt click the email link, i went to the actual bank site that i knew was netbank.com.au

      Not sure if you're being facetious here, but you really might want to change that password after posting it in a public forum!

        Netbank is pretty good, you have to confirm with an SMS code if you want to transfer money to a new external account. But yeah, don't put your password on a public forum still.

      Thank You,your account balance is now $0.01DR

    best one ive seen was a fake "squid proxy" login box... got a few people at work... thankfully we have moved away from using proxy auth boxes...

    Fake Paypal purchase confirmation email. Spoofed the paypal email address too. Thought my account had been hacked, then took a breathe, checked the links in the email and saw the scam.

      I got that one last week, too. I almost followed the link, then I remembered I haven't had enough money to buy anything through PayPal for the last 6 months!

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