Tron 3 Is Filming Later This Year

There's a new Tron movie in the works at Disney. The director of 2010's Tron: Legacy is behind it, and that's about all we know right now, but we're excited.

io9 reports via Vancity Buzz, a local Vancouver blog, that Legacy's director Josh Kosinski has been getting the as-yet-untitled threequel into high gear with filming proper to kick off at the start of October this year. Kosinski also directed Oblivion, the gorgeous Tom Cruise sci-fi blockbuster — both it and Legacy were visually stunning, so we have high hopes for the new Tron.

More news as it comes to light. Here's hoping it has some solid sci-fi and the same real-world, real-tech grounding as its 2010 namesake. Tron: Legacy may not have had the most cerebral story, but it had some serious star power in Jeff Bridges, Olivia Wilde and returning Garrett Hedlund as protagonist Sam Flynn, and was also propped up by a kickass and trippy soundtrack from Daft Punk:

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