This NES Is Actually A Cake Made By An Australian Bakery

You Have To Look Closely To See That This NES Is Actually a Cake

There's no shortage of wacky wedding cakes on the internet, but this creation is particularly noteworthy because until you get a good close-up look at it, it doesn't look like a cake at all. You'd swear it was a functional NES console complete with two controllers and a copy of Tetris, but it's actually completely edible.

The cake was made by Cara Mia Cake (located in Geelong, Australia) for a couple who bonded over video games. And instead of dust-choked electronics on the inside, the cake is actually filled with a cookies and cream-flavored white chocolate ganache which Nintendo should really be filling all of its consoles with — it certainly couldn't hurt sales of the Wii U. [Facebook - Cara Mia Cake via Herald Sun]

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