The Humble Binder Clip Just Became Much More Useful 

The Humble Binder Clip Just Became Much More Useful

Just because a product seems perfect doesn't necessarily mean there isn't room to squeeze just a little more usefulness out of it. Take the humble binder, or bulldog clip, as it's often called. Its simple design lets it keep giant stacks of paper in order, prevent loose cables from sliding off your desk -- but with a tiny design tweak, it can also serve as a handy spot to hold a cup of coffee.

The Humble Binder Clip Just Became Much More Useful

Animi Causa's $US12 Cup Clip can still be used to secure documents, but with its re-designed arms it can also serve as a cupholder when clamped to the side of a desk, or a hook for hanging a bag or a jacket. It works on any desk up to 3/4-inch thick, and can be instantly and easily repositioned wherever it's needed. [Animi Causa via 7Gadgets]


    OR you could put the cup ON the table, like a person who isn't a complete idiot

    bent wire anyone?

    Useful, probably.
    Customisable, eminently.

    $12, Not a chance!

    Last edited 01/03/15 8:08 pm

      Yeah I was about to say. It's very cool, I like the idea. But this isn't a product, this is an Instructable.

    Or you could, you know, put your cup on the actual desk.

    It sort of begs the question, why not just put the cup on your desk?

      Because if it falls go on the floor not on important documents.

    Oh oh oh! I'll get in on the action here
    "Just put the cup on the desk"
    This is a repetition game right? Do I win?!

    I like the picture that showcases the hanging cup solution when there's clearly enough space on the desk to put it there instead.

    I wonder how well they actually grip though in terms of holding the cup there securely without flying off at a slight nudge

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