The Apple Watch 'Journey', And Everything Else You Missed Yesterday

The Apple Watch 'Journey,' and Everything Else You Missed This Weekend

DARPA is making a next-gen GPS, Valve's Vive VR headset will be free for devs, and Windows 10 arrives for more phones. All the news and rumours you missed while lazing the weekend away, all on BitStream.

We already knew that Apple was completely redesigning all its retail stores to prepare for the Apple Watch, including specially designed safes to keep their wrist wearables protected. But 9to5Mac's Mark Gurman details exactly how the Apple Watch Edition, that golden waste of money piece of tech jewellery, will be sold. From 9to5Mac:

When a customer interested in the Apple Watch Edition enters the store, he or she will be given no-wait access to a dedicated Expert, who will provide a personalised "journey" from the beginning of the appointment until the end, as much as one hour later.

Apple also has special instructions on handling gold Apple Watches, and customers can even video conference from home rather than coming in at all. At what point does "elegant" turn into over doing it? [9to5Mac]

  • DARPA is working on the next generation of GPS that will be more reliable in combat zones and poorly covered areas. [PCWorld]
  • GitHub spent a majority of its Sunday defending against a massive DDoS attack. WSJ says all signs point to China. [WSJ]
  • Good Guy Tim Cook is going to donate his many millions to charity. [Fortune]

Apps and Devices

  • HTC and Valve will offer its wonderfully awesome Vive VR headset for free for all developers. I think I may have developed a thing or two in my time. [Ars Technica]
  • OxygenOS, OnePlus' new ROM after ditching Cyanogen, hits another delay. Won't be available until April. [The Next Web]
  • Windows 10 preview for phones has been out and in the wild nearly two months. But the amount of Lumia phones that could actually download it was pretty limited. Now that's all changing. [Windows Blog]
  • Sony finally ditched its half-baked Music Unlimited service for a Spotify-powered music app. And the feature goes live today. [Engadget]


  • Rumours start detailing the architecture of Qualcomm's upcoming 815 chipset but may be delayed so the 810 has some room to breath. [Trusted Reviews]
  • What the Galaxy S6 gained in design, it gave up in utility. But the all-but-confirmed S6 Active may see the return of one much-missed feature — a microSD slot. [Android Community]
  • For some reason, I feel like this drone concept is in our future (including a $US50,000 Apple Drone Edition).
The Apple Watch 'Journey,' and Everything Else You Missed This Weekend

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