Tesla Wants To Buy Your Model S Back

Tesla Wants To Buy Your Model S Back

In a bid to make sure owners get decent value for money when it comes to reselling their Model S, Tesla in Australia has pledged to buy back its flagship cars for a fixed value after a few years of ownership.

It’s called the Tesla Resale Value Guarantee. Here’s how it works.

Tesla will allow you to return your Model S between month 36 and 37 “for a price equal to the sum of 50 percent of the base price of the 60 kWh Model S and 43 percent of all options, including the upgrade to the 85 kWh Model S,” it wrote in a media release yesterday.

Seeing as how the base Model S with the 60kWh battery costs $95,500, that would mean Tesla will give you back a minimum of $47,750 back for your car after three years of ownership. Add on top of that a percentage of whatever your accessories or extras are and that’s a pretty sweet deal.

According to Tesla, this will “give customers ultimate peace of mind about the car they’re purchasing”.

The Model S is still expensive, but at least you’re being given guaranteed resale value