SanDisk Squeezes 200GB Into A Tiny MicroSD Card

SanDisk Squeezes 200GB Into a Tiny microSD Card

Stop for a second and take a look at the fingernail on your baby finger. That's roughly the size of a microSD card that can now hold a whopping 200GB of data thanks to SanDisk. Remember when USB flash drives with a full gigabyte of storage were mind-blowing? We were so foolish back then.

Available sometime in the second quarter of 2015, the new microSDXC card uses the same technology that SanDisk developed for the 128GB microSDXC card it introduced last year, but with an improved design allowing the company to increase storage capacity by 56 per cent. The new card also boasts transfer speeds of up to 90MB/sec, but once available its $US400 price tag might be a little hard to swallow — even if the card itself isn't.

Too bad there's no slot for it in the new Galaxy S6. [SanDisk]


    Amazing... I'll buy that for my next Samsung Galaxy S6. No.. Oh... wait... :(

    While expensive at least this is just because it's totally new - unlike the Sony's expensive one for (sic) Audiophiles.

    Baby finger?

      Glad I wasn't the only one who thought that a strange phrase. I presume it's referring to the pinky or little finger. I've never heard it called "baby finger".

    Poor old Johnny Mnemonic got ripped off with his 200-500 megabyte brain implant.

      My first USB Flash Drive cost me $110 in 1998 and had a capacity of 16Mb. It was a revelation because that was more than a whole box of double-sided, dual density floppies! In 1986 I paid $500 (two weeks' gross pay at the time) for 256kb of RAM for my Korg Sampler (DSS-1), which doubled it's storage so I could almost load a whole floppy onto it in one go! (Almost.) Johnny Mnemonic dates all the way back to 1981, so 200Mb must have seemed like an impossibly large amount of storage to put in something as small as a human skull. It's all relative.

        Johnny Mnemonic dates all the way back to 1981...
        Does the 500 MB figure come from the novel or the film? The film wasn't made until 1995, so it seems like the sort of thing they may have changed between the two to sound more believable.

        Also, the complete works of Shakespeare can be stored in about 5 MB, so unless you're storing multimedia 500 MB is actually a hell of a lot of information for one person to have in their head.

          The short story doesn't specify a number - Gibson just writes "hundreds of megabytes". I picked these numbers randomly.

    The other.

    the 200GB capacity is a bit weird. Looks like Sandisk managed to squeeze a 128GB and 64GB microsd into one.

      128+64+8... It's a very strange capacity for storage. So was 720Gb

    yeh, bought a 16gb one, and it 13.8 useable.

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