Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: Double-Edged Phone

Think that the Note Edge is the only device about to get the curved screen fun? No way. Samsung is doubling down on its Edge proposition with the new Galaxy S6 Edge: a phone with subtle curves all the way around.

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The Galaxy S6 Edge is a lot like the vanilla-flavoured Galaxy S6. Same processor, same screen, same drawbacks.

It's packing a 5.1-inch Quad-HD Super AMOLED screen. That's a screen resolution of 2560x1440, with 577 pixels per inch. It's also stocked with an octa-core processor made up of a quad-core 2.1GHz processor and a quad-core 1.5Ghz processor sandwiched together to produce a stupid amount of power. That's backed up by 3GB of RAM and a 2550mAh battery to keep it all going.

Other features include a 16-megapixel rear-facing camera -- complete with Optical Image Stabilisation -- a 5-megapixel front-facing camera, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, the same heart-rate monitor built into the flash unit from the Samsung Galaxy S5, a fingerprint scanner you no longer have to swipe your finger over and Android 5.0 Lollipop.

The S6 and the S6 Edge also have the same drawbacks: no removable battery, no expandable storage, no USB 3.0.

They also share another common trait: they're both gorgeous.

The subtle curve on the Galaxy S6 Edge is really something to behold. Rather than drop straight off into a second screen like you get on the Note Edge, the S6 Edge has subtle curves on both sides of the device.

This also makes the device's metal banding almost non-existent. It's so comfortable to hold and you never feel like you're about to accidentally access the screen.

Those curves are used for two things right now. On the one side you get the Information Display. It's similar to the ticker on the Note Edge and gives you notifications, news and other relevant information.

The new features come from the other edge, known as the People Edge. On it you get five contacts, all colour-coded to a new person. It acts as a drawer you can quickly swipe open to select people to contact. On top of that, the People Edge can be used while the phone is facing down to notify you of new calls and SMS messages. When a contact gets in touch while the phone is facing down, it glows with a the subtle hue of the colour you chose for them. Based on that information, you know who's calling and decide whether you want to answer it during a meeting.

Samsung says it will roll out more features onto the Edge screens as time goes on.

What's weird is that with the screen curvature and the eye-popping resolution, it's almost like the screen has a kind of 3D depth when viewing HD content. It's awesome.

Something that's also interesting is that the S6 Edge gives you slightly more power than the S6, with a 2600mAh battery over the standard 2550mAh in the vanilla model. It's also slightly lighter: six grams lighter to be exact.

It comes in black, white and gold. Those three colours are common across the S6 and S6 Edge range, but there's one especially pretty S6 exclusive colour, which is an almost British Racing green, which Samsung is calling Forest Green.

Samsung Australia hasn't confirmed the pricing or the launch timing for the device but we do know that it's headed for a global release in April.

Luke Hopewell travelled to Mobile World Congress 2015 as a guest of Samsung.



    "no removable battery, no expandable storage". No thanks.

      Why do you remove your battery? I don't

      Up to 128GB internal! Why need to swap SD cards?

    So an iPhone with a curved screen, no thanks.
    I liked having a removable battery, expandable storage and USB 3.0. Helped perfectly with my job.
    Sorry Samsung I'm looking elsewhere for my next phone

      So so so happy I got a Note 4 instead of waiting for this iteration!
      I dont really like the whole curved edge and then filling it up with content, notifications and people! There is enough of that on the notification bar at the top!

      Early days for the idea of curved screens anyway but can it bend and stretch like those bloody ads were saying?! That's what I wanna know! Looks pretty static to me.

    Any news on the storage size? Are they matching Apple with a 128GB phone? Seeing as no expandable storage (boo!) I'd hope so!

      IVe heard there will be a few sizes upto 128gb. couldnt say which versions we'll get here.

      Yes - 32Gb, 64Gb and 128Gb versions.

    bummer about no removable battery and expandable storage. think ill have to stick with my Note Edge for as long as i can.

    I bet there's only like 50 people in australia who don't think this phone is a gimmick and probably only 20 who would buy one...

    I've never looked at the side of my phone and wished it told me the weather...

    Come on Luke,

    When you are not a guest of Samsung and back in AUS i want a real review like something along the lines of "Samsung blatantly rip of Apples design".

    This review is utter crap. They just took a iPhone 6 and slapped a Samsung badge and added a few differences like wireless charging. No removable battery, no micro SD and i know Apple don't own the right to any of that and phone companies can do what they please within reason, its just that since the iPhone 6 has become the biggest selling phone for Apple and then suddenly Samsung have exactly the same design with pretty much the same features as Apple.

    How can you explain this?

    I hope the lawyers are preparing to take Samsung down cause i am sick of their out right copying. I know Apple have copied some things in the past but taking a companies flagship phone and just replacing the badge on it is not innovating SAMSUNG. I hope Apple bleed every last cent from your pathetic company.

      The iPhone 6 is a great phone, and has some great features. So I'm quite happy to see Samsung rip off these features. One of the reasons I was tempted back to an iPhone was because of TouchID, and the lack of anything that compared to it on Android.

      Samsung has now improved their fingerprint sensor such that it's a 'press and hold' sensor, rather than their previously unreliable swipe sensor. I couldn't go back to not having a fingerprint scanner to unlock my phone, so I'm really pleased to see what Samsung have done with the S6, even if is perceived as a rip-off of the iP6 (although I don't perceive it as a rip-off).

      Why do you even care

      Is it normal for you to wish the death and ruin of something that you dont agree with. Are you from ISIS by any chance.

      I dont agree with your post. I hope you go bankrupt. Good riddance!

      Also when are people going to realise the lawsuits dont mean jack crap. Do you even realise how big of a monolith Samsung is and how many important manufacturing and IP they own?

      I really don't agree with you but iphone6 is still great phone.
      What bothers you when Galaxy6 being great like iphone?

    While I'm not a huge fan of Samsung phones, that green is really nice. I like that it's not the normal gaudy Galaxy colour.

      That green would look ridiculous in my suit pocket.... Just saying - At least the gaudy Galaxy colours are a bit more subtle generally

        Don't worry, I'm not going to look inside your suit pocket.

    Well, one of apples statements 2 or so years back when they got 1 billion dollars compensation from Samsung, was that apples iPhone had curved edges and was rectangular in shape. Well if that helped their lawsuit then we are all @#/%^&. All mobile phones are like that going back to the first one in 1985. I Like SD slots and replaceable batteries....but I guess removing those allows more internal space. They got curved televisions so why not phones, laptops, etc. Not long before we see the circular TV going all around the Lounge, then you Really need the same type of phone. It would help in the toilet too. I got the pro 12. 2 and love it so I may replace my s4 with the note edge but 5.5 is big, s6 is 5.1 so that may be best.

    Curtis, let's talk first about the Apple Watch which was pure innovation by steali g from Samsung's gear.

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