Repairing High Voltage Lines Is One Of Most Scary Jobs I've Ever Seen

Repairing high voltage lines is one of most scary jobs I've ever seen

This excerpt from Straight Up: Helicopters in Action — a documentary released on IMAX theatres a few years ago — shows the dangerous daily routine of the guys in charge of fixing the high voltage lines. One of the workers say that even if you're afraid of heights or electricity you can still do this job — I seriously doubt it.

Everything is carefully planned and rehearsed in advance for the worker's safety but, still, this might be one of the most dangerous jobs I've ever seen. An helicopter leaves them on the power lines several feet above the ground. Then, they crawl along the wires to check if everything works fine while half a million volts pass over their bodies.

You can watch Straight Up: Helicopters in Action here.

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