Our Favourite Android, iOS And Windows Phone Apps Of The Week

Our Favourite Android, iOS And Windows Phone Apps Of The Week

Welcome to another week and another roundup of apps. Android adds apps to get the most out of your smartphone, iOS plays a little catch-up and nabs some super great apps from other operating systems, and Windows Phone chimes in with two neat additions. They’re all here and they’re all free. Check ’em out.


Corgi for Feedly

Unfortunately, this isn’t an app that pushes adorable pics of Corgis to your lock screen. I’m sorry to lead you astray, dear reader. But what Corgi for Feedly does do is pretty great too. Essentially, the app pushes subscriptions to your lock screen so you can read entire stories before even unlocking your phone, like a dog bringing you the morning newspaper. Oh, Corgi. Ok, I get it now. [Free]


Not all charging cables are created equal, and the Ampere is here to let you know which ones are the best. The app itself is pretty bare bones (though it does have some Lollipop style) and can only work with certain Android devices (HTC and the Galaxy S III being the most notable exemptions), but Ampere gives you the low-down on how much your phone discharges when in use and charges when on the cable. It’s a neat little utility app for power users who want the most out of their smartphones. [Free]


Star Wars: Card Trader

Everything is going digital, and that includes trading cards. Topps, the long-time supplier of wonderfully great Star Wars trading cards, has a released an iOS app that now lets you trade your digital collection with anyone in the world. The app will have some free digital packs but some pack you may have to pony up some cash. This is the brave new world of card collecting. Embrace it. [Free]


iPhones users, you’ve been long trapped between two mapping alternatives: Apple Maps (which, like, c’mon) and Google Maps, the undisputed king of cartography. But now, a new challenger approaches — Nokia’s HERE Maps. With a well-designed UI and all the bells and whistles of the impressive Google competition, HERE Maps just might make you rethink your go-to navigator. You can also download maps on your device, so you can still get directions even if you’re severed from internet. A true travel companion. [Free]

Google Calendar

Google may be getting challenged in some parts of its app game, but Google is still the best at helping stay organised. Now, Google is finally bringing it’s wonderfully updated Google Calendar to iOS. Complete with a Material Design makeover, the Google Calendar is more like a self-aware personal assistant than an app. The calendar pulls info from your contacts and email and also uses “assists” to help fill in engagements you’ve typed in the calendar before. If you’re looking for a way to stay organised — this is it. [Free]


Smartphone automation is basically the best thing. On my Android I’m all Tasker-ed up and Pushbullet is sending me notifications to my desktop on the regular. But if I ever happen to sling some Cupertino hardware in the near future, this will be one of the first apps I download. The idea is super simple: using bluetooth, your phone Fort Knox’s your computer when you walk out of range and pops it back open when you’re back. Pretty great if you have nosey roommates or a significant other, and you happen to be a little absent-minded. [Free]

Windows Phone

Fedora Reader

Being a constant consumer of news, the search for the perfect RSS reader is an ongoing mission. As I’m one to frequently weave among iOS, Android and Windows Phone, the choices are significantly stymied when operating the latter, that’s why Fedora Reader grabbed my attention, mainly because it is a straight up, no-nonsense news reader keeping you informed on everything you’re interested in. You can also read full articles right in the app or natively on websites. It’s worth the test drive. [Free]


Everyone is pretty much trying to track everything, and sleep is no different, but the SleepWin smart alarm may be the least invasive of any option out there. While you sleep, the app records your movement and tracks your sleep cycle to give you information on your sleeping patterns. The Smart Alarm then wakes you up at a time that’s the least disruptive to your natural sleep rhythm. Anything that can change my mornings from utter hell — I’ll support it. [Free]