Man Creates Awesome Wiping Out-In-Kitchen Selfie

Man Creates Awesome Wiping Out-In-Kitchen Selfie

We’ve all had a glorious, photo-worthy wipe out or two in our lives (or, if you’re clumsy like me, this happens on a pretty regular basis.) But few of us have succeeded in capturing the essence of such an event like photographer Derek Johnson.

Full disclosure: Johnson did not actually photograph himself falling over in his kitchen with food flying everywhere. He took a bunch of different pictures and artfully stitched them together using Photoshop. So, it’s not a selfie per se, but getting a decent shot of himself jumping off a beanbag in mid-air can’t have been easy, so give the man some credit.

Here are the original images that went into Johnson’s wipe-out “selfie”:

After pulling the images together and matching the lighting, Johnson used dodge and burn in Photoshop to exaggerate the contrast, and inverted high pass technique to cleanup the skin. You can watch the scene coalesce in this awesome GIF:

Real or not, I’m pretty sure this guy just slayed selfies. You can check out more of Derek Johnson’s work over on his website and blog. [PetaPixel]

All photos courtesy of Derek Johnson.