How Using Movement In Film Might Be The Most Underrated Skill In Movies

How using movement in film might be the most underrated skill in movies

The generous intelligence giver that is Tony Zhou of Every Frame a Painting is back again with another detailed look at the nuance of filmmaking. This time he focuses on master director Akira Kurosawa's use of movement in his films (Seven Samurai, Ran, etc.) and how it can tell a story within a story.

I always enjoy it when he compares the skills of true filmmakers to directors of big blockbusters. In this case, he cites the work of Kurosawa against a scene from The Avengers and the difference is jarring. You can support Zhou's work at Every Frame a Painting here.


    Kurosawa was an absolute master of the art of film making. If you haven't seen his stuff, get on it. Actually, there's a good chance you've seen an adaptation of one of his films and not realised it.

    Good video, lame "article".

    But commendable because it had a cool vid.

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