Foxtel iQ3: Australian Pricing And Release Date

After more than a few delays and mounting speculation as to its features, the Foxtel iQ3 set top box is finally out there on the market for subscribers to buy. Here's what you'll pay for it, what it does, and when you can get one.

What Is It?

The Foxtel iQ3 box is the company's latest set-top box to enter the market. It's a major departure from previous models, simply because it melds both satellite services with new IPTV functionality. New features lean heavily on the fact that the iQ3 can be connected to the 'net.

The new box is crammed full of tuners so you can watch three shows at once while recording a fourth, and also pack in free-to-air channels as well. Thanks to that IP connectivity, you now do a whole bunch of funky internet-related stuff with your new box.

It has a new feature called Start Over, which allows you to jump back to the beginning of any show after it has commenced, and a similar feature called Look Back which lets the users take a look at the previous 24 hours and select any show to stream via the IPTV connection.

Streaming options go deeper than that, however. A centralised synopsis page has been built for each show and film, which analyses packages that users have on their service and pushes the cheapest and most convenient options for them to stream a title directly to the box. The synopsis page will push the Boxsets channel, on-demand streaming and live viewing, depending on what's available at that time and in that customer's package.

As far as connectivity is concerned, the box comes with its own 802.11ac connectivity and has been tweaked to work perfectly with the new Foxtel Media Gateway Wi-Fi modem you get if you're a Foxtel Broadband subscriber.

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Futhermore, the new Foxtel remote doesn't communicate via Infrared, instead pairing to the box using Bluetooth so you can point and click anywhere.

The box packs in a new 1TB hard drive which Foxtel says can hold 172 hours of HD content, or 345 hours of SD content.

Sadly, the hard drive isn't upgradeable. There's even a label on the back that stresses the fact that "no user serviceable parts" are inside the unit if you crack it open.


The iQ3 box comes in at two different price points, depending on how savvy you are when it comes to setting it up.

The box itself is $125. If you want to install it yourself, Foxtel will extract a $25 fee from you, or if you want a professional to do it, you'll pay $75 for a technician to come round.

Current customers can upgrade via their My Account page online or give Foxtel a call to arrange it. All new customers can pay and receive an iQ3 when they sign up.

Release Date

The iQ3 will begin shipping to customers from today, Monday 23 March. No more waiting for the new hardware for us!

Stay tuned for a hands-on with the new unit and an extended feature with the creators of the iQ3 on Gizmodo Australia.

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    Foxtel.... Nobody cares.

      You shouldn't confuse your own (lack of) interest with everybody else's.

      Foxtel has a couple of million subscribers, and some have been very much looking forward to the IQ3 - the whirlpool thread on it is evidence enough of that.

      Yeah only the 2.1 million subscribers do. Moron.

      2.6 million Foxtel subscribers, but yep, no one cares.

      I just want Foxtel on the Xbox One already. I want to scream at it while watching the footy.

    The box itself is $125. If you want to install it yourself, Foxtel will extract a $25 fee from you, or if you want a professional to do it, you’ll pay $75 for a technician to come round.

    Feels like a Ticketek admin surcharge for tickets automatically emailed to someone. If everyones forced to pay a minimum $25 fee then it should be sold as $150.

    I don't get the point of this device.
    Start over your TV show or record several at once. Also lots of space for recordings.

    If you stream, none of these are things that are needed anyway.

      Last I checked Netflix, Stan, or Presto don't have live sport.

      I think everyone also underestimates just how many people don't want to stream.

        Oh true. I have no real interest in live sport etc but I guess this could be useful if you wanted to record a game that isn't on FTA or something.

          FTA seemingly only covers the quirky "local" sports and some of us are actually interested in the more popular global sports, as well as the fortunes of sportsmen/women who are *not* Australian (nobody cares about that bloke in 127th place in the TDF, even though he's Aussie). I'd suggest that Foxtel is currently the only available source of quality sports coverage in this country.

            Foxtel is currently the only available source of quality sports coverage in this country
            This is absolutely true and the main reason I keep Foxtel. Streaming is getting more and more attractive and I keep dropping parts of Foxtel to subscribe to streaming services instead. If I could get top-level sport streamed to my Chromecast - and I say that because you can stream most sport but most won't let you send to Chromecast - then I would probably go down that path.

        Interesting, I really like that comment I think everyone also underestimates just how many people don't want to stream. why do you think this is? internet usage quotas, possibility of slowing down other services in home network, or just plain techno-phobia? also given league passes in sport NBA, AFL etc do you think people might just choose a code they like and stream that?

          I think it's all three.

          - Many (Ma and Pa non-Gizmodo readers) won't have internet plans with sufficient quota (or even if they do, they wont understand how much streaming will use, so will avoid it anyway).
          - Many already struggle with Sync speed on ADSL/2/+ and will be worried that it impacts their existing services.
          - Those same users probably don't even understand what Netflix, Stan, Presto etc are. If you aren't already on the net a lot, it's not like you're seeing adds for it anywhere else.

          Gizmodo readers must realize there's a whole other world out there of people that don't care about streaming House of Cards to their PC. They wouldn't even know how to use their Smart TV to achieve the same.

          Just look at VoIP and how slow the take-up on that is. The same questions are asked of that (how much download will it use, will my internet be to slow, I prefer to use something reliable that I know).

            I reakon your on the money to switch over from say Foxtel or just plain free to air you need to

            1.) Know about and trust streaming TV services. Right now I assume regular folk don't use spotify or other streaming services. So advertising and word of mouth from critical mass will be the biggest factors. Ie when your uncle marty gets it and shows your nan how easy and reliable it is.

            2.) For it to be simple enough to set it up on smart tv, or lame TV with apple tv or chromcast. Ideally that it comes as a package service promotion free for a year straight out of the box with your new 4K TV ready to go.

            3.) See a profound benefit for switching over. This could be better user experience, better pricing, content etc.

            I think your point about struggling with quota and or speed might linger in the back of consumers minds and might make it harder to switch. I think you are also right, TV streaming and Foxtel are seen as ancillary entertainment services which probably most folk don't get to worked up about. They will probably go with the flow and what ever they can comfortably afford.

              If you have foxtel and you are also a telstra customer,your data is not affected because it is unmetered.

          Well streaming services are only starting to really pick up this year so I'd say the jury is still out on that. Plain ignorance is probably one of the biggest ones. People don't know it's an option. In the US it's juts so normal, even the super tech illiterate people have it. My MIL is a perfect example of that. It will be interesting to see how mainstream it becomes here.

    75 dollars for a technician to come and swap the box over, what the shit?! Even worse they charge you if you want to do it? Get lost.

      How much is it meant to cost? The technician still has to get paid... ~$80 is pretty much the minimum call out fee for any tech visit.

      If you have a poor fta signal meaning its below the minimum requirement which a lot of houses do,it will affect your viewing then you will be calling up complaining because it doesn't work properly.Then a tech will need to come out and fix it,so $75 dollars for someone to come and make sure its working properly is not a lot,considering if you do have a tech come out initially,any issues beyond the techs first install,you might not get charged for.

    What no infrared remote,
    a lot of people out there with Logitech remotes won't be happy with that.
    looks like I stay with my IQ2 until it has to be replaced by foxtel not a my costs.

      There is still an infrared receiver, so the old remote (incl. Harmony) will still work.

      Bluetooth remote in the box, IR receiver on the box. Universal remotes will still work.

      Infared remote will work but may cause issues with the box.

    I wonder what the user feedback will be like. It's new tech so there will be initial bugs. Ifthis thing gets recalled because they didn't do proper product testing, then it could mean the end of Foxtel. Literally. They cannot afford the bad press and the sunk millions developing this thing.

      They have been testing and doing software upgrades,bug fixes for months.i should know because i have one.

    Not true.

    Just called FOXTEL and they are not taking any orders for upgrades until the 8th of April.

      8th of April is for Telstra customers only.

      You can call today (you could even call Thursday last week) and order it.

    Just looked at Foxtel site and I am a Satellite subscriber, cant see anything that says I can't have these new features, but I vaguely recall that the number of tuners are dependent on the outputs from the dish, as when I got the original IQ box requiring a second cable from satellite to run the second tuner.

      You need 2 satellite cables for IQ plus one FTA connection for FTA. Everything else needs internet. If you have all three, your good.

        I don't believe this is correct. I have satellite and my iQHD works perfectly fine with one satellite cable and one FTA cable. I plan on doing the same thing when my iQ3 arrives.

          Satellite iq needs two cables from dish,iq3 will need the two and the fta cable.

        Actually, nevermind. I just swapped my cables in their sockets and found FOX8 still worked, so they're both dish ports.

        But one of them plugs directly into my TV and I can view all the FTA channels on it, which I didn't know was possible!

          One is for vertical channels and the other is horizontal,if you take one off you only get half the channels,swap that over you get the other half.

    Finally iQ3 but really stupid move by Foxtel to charge existing out of contract customers for it. I pay over $90 a month and am out of contract. Don't watch live sport so I could cancel foxtel and purchase both Stan and Netflix and still be way ahead; or Foxtel can give me the box for free and i'll re-sign for another 2 years. Guess we all know how this is going to end......... Hello Netflix.....

      So if you were offered the iQ3 box for free you would keep paying huge amounts of money a month for another 2 years. And what does it do? Record shows and let you watch shows from the start. Which streaming does out of the box.

      You should call Foxtel to have it disconnected. They make most of their money by people who don't complain. You're the one with options, not them. Squeeze them for as much as you can. :D

    lol, how about that Play app for Xbone Foxtell?

    But where is the freaking Xbox One app ???? Only been 6 months since they announced it was "coming soon"

    so you can watch three shows at once while recording a fourth,
    Is this arse up, or does it have 3 separate video outs?

      Record three at the same time and watch a fourth.

    It's not available until 8th April for Telstra bundle customers. But the guy made a note to call me back on that date to process it. So looks like I am waiting because of Telstra. Just like my upgrade to Android 5.1 which hasn't come through yet.

      Bahaha yeah you won't be getting Android 5.1 through Telstra for quite a while buddy, google only just released it for the Nexus line, let alone when the Phone makers provide the ROM to the carrier. Get real mate.

    " you can watch three shows at once while recording a fourth..."

    Or, more likely, the other way around.

    Current customers can upgrade via their My Account page online

    Foxtel Website says otherwise:
    Package change renovations
    We're currently redesigning My Account. While this is in progress, online package change is not available. If you would like to change your package, please call 131 999.

    They have been 'renovating' for about the last 4 months by the way...

    I got one of the first ones on Monday.

    Remote missing
    New remote won't pair and work
    Can't rewind or pause live tv

    Nice interface but basic fictionality is simply crap!!! Really did anyone test this thing????

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