Cricket World Cup: Soniq Slashing $5 Off '42-Finch' 4K TV For Every Finch Run

Watching Australia vs. India right now? Soniq is, in real-time, cutting $5 off the price of its 42-inch Ultra HD Smart TV for every run scored by opener Aaron Finch. If Finch bats his average 38 runs, the TV will drop in price by $190. If he matches his century scored against England then Soniq will give some TVs away for free (if there’s any left).

But be quick: If Aaron Finch gets bowled out, the price of the TV will go back to the RRP of $699. A live price will be displayed next to the ‘42 Finch’ TV online and linked to Aaron Finch’s run tally. [Soniq Live Price]

'42-Finch' TV Features

• UltraHD 3840x2160 pixels LED Backlight Panel, True RGB HDTV Format • Super MVA Technology, Ultra Wide Viewing Angle • Fast and Powerful ARM Dual Core CPU and Four Core GPU Processor Delivers Super Performance • Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) platform Simple, Beautiful, Useful • ACE-PROU2 Advanced Color Engine provides Brilliant and fresh color • Three 4K2K Ultra HD inputs (3 x HDMI) • USB Host 2.0 & 3.0 for Multimedia Play, HID device support • Full Function QWERTY Keyboard Remote • Efficient energy saving mode • Built In Web Browser • Built In WiFi comply with 802.11b/g/n standard,provides powerful high-speed performance


4:00pm AEDT:

As reader @kie723 points out below, looks like Soniq got into a wee bit of trouble: Hi there Cricket and SONIQ fans. Unfortunately some pretty influential people got in touch to say that we can't associate this offer with a specific player.

Fear not! We won't red tape spoil the fun for our cutomers, but we have had to make a couple of changes to the mechanic. Rather than the live price being linked to a specific player, we will link the price to the 'opening batsman'. We're no experts, but we would say there's a 50/50 chance that it ends up being the same unnamed player. Let's call him 'Darren Lynch'


Oops. Look like Soniq's page is toiling...



The page loaded! But the price is a little behind Finch's current runs! As @damoesp says in the comments below: Currently at $424 although it should actually be $389 as Finch is on 62 run


Wicket! Noooo! Oh wait, it's Smith. Phew. That was an awesome innings! 105 off 93.


Page loaded again! OUT OF STOCK. Nooooo!


Finch on 79 off 110. Australia on 216-2 at the start of over 37.


Finch is OUT! 81 off 116 as Australia's top order hits a stumbles to 4 for 234 after 38.3 overs.


I'm out. Cricket is more fun when there's a cheap TV was up for grabs. Night.

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