Aussies Are Trolling Politicians Via iMessage, And It's Perfect

Bravo, Australia. Bravo. This is the best troll of pollies I've yet seen. Politicians who have their public Australian Parliament House email addresses linked to their iMessage accounts have been receiving iMessages all day from citizens who figured out they had a direct line to their devices.

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Some people decided to give Attorney General George Brandis what for over his metadata proposals:

Others just decided to have a casual chat:

Buzzfeed Australia also received this one to the Minister for the Environment, Greg Hunt.

Pollies have since been unlinking their email addresses from iMessage.

Spoil sports. [Buzzfeed, SMH]



    So trolling politicians is acceptable...sad day!!

      I'm with @lukehopewell

        At the end of the day, politicians are elected by the people and should be around to take queries from their constituents when required. I'm not saying these are legitimate queries, but Aussies also have a right to protest. Let's call this a hybrid of the two, with a side of teaching pollies a lesson for being dumb with their devices.

      They've been trolling us daily...

      And this isn't really trolling. Their email is supposed to be one of many avenues for the public to talk to their politicians about pressing issues...

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        How have politicians been "trolling" us?
        "saying things I disagree with" is not "trolling"

    "Trolling" eh?
    It's just spamming with elements of DDOS, really. Too bad if anyone wanted to contact any of the victims on a serious manner.

    Hardly an elegant troll.
    About as subtle as dumping a huge pile of envelopes full of shit all over his mail box.

    You won't be laughing when the secret police kick in ya door fer hackin' the internets!

    Only Coalition members. Nothing to see here, carry on.

    Man, there are a LOT of commenters on Gizmodo that clearly hate jokes. Lighten up, kids.

    Last edited 03/03/15 11:36 am

    Personally, as childish as these actions are, I could not help but snigger at theses stories.

    From a carrier perspective (dons telco hat): Acts such as this constitute harassment, and are against the Terms of Service each of the perpetrators implicitly agreed to abide by when purchasing services from their respective providers.
    Formal Cease and Desist notices can be issued for this, and if there are multiple notices issued for the same recipient or over a given period of time, then they run a very real risk of having their services terminated, with all the exit penalties and forfeiture this may entail for their respective account(s).
    In addition, given that the targets are federal members, often in the ACT, and using a national carriage service to perform these acts; the Federal Police could become involved for certain less than savory instances.

    Is some childish act really worth repercussions like that?

    I don't see how sending one carefully worded message constitutes 'harassment'. Repeated messages, messages with offending or objectionable content, or similar messages - sure. but something like the message to Greg Hunt - just a normal citizen politely contacting a federal representative :)

    This is only funny to Luke because it's happening to Liberals. If it were Labor, it would not be a story. Or it would be a PSA detailing how politicians can unlink their phones to avoid receiving iMessages from evil Liberal supporters.

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