100 Copper Arrows, Frozen In Time

100 Copper Arrows, Frozen In Time

Arrows look fantastic (if somewhat unsettling) when they’re used to create art. Suspended in time, never reaching their target, it sends a shiver down the spine to think people were killed often by these things many centuries ago. Now they’re used mostly for sport — and art, apparently, like this installation from the Honor Fraser Gallery in New York.

Called “A Shout Within a Storm”, the piece contains 100 arrows, all made from copper. An artist by the name of Glenn Kaino is responsible for putting it together, according to Alice Yoo of My Modern Met and along with looking awesome, was one of the more popular features of The Armory Show.

As you can see from the photos here, it’s pretty much a social media goldmine (well, copper mine). A bunch more images with people posing can be found over at Modern Met.

[My Modern Met]

Photos: Jason Niu (top), noteghost.