Vodafone's New Shared Plans Let You Use Voice, Text, Data Between Devices

Next month, Vodafone will let new and existing Red plan customers share calls, text messages, international calls and the company's $5 international roaming between up to 10 different devices.

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Stephen Smyth, Vodafone's general manager of postpaid, says that there's a big increase in usage "across the board" for data, text and voice. As such, the company wants you to use one primary plan within your household and add additional lines for your family's other smartphones, as well as data-enabled tablets.

The process seems simple enough — from a primary Red plan of at least $50 (up to the $100 Red plan), users can add up to nine shared plans for either a smartphone (with both data, voice and text) or a tablet (with data only). Every additional shared plan boosts the overall data limit of the shared pool, and if it's a smartphone plan the voice and text are combined.

The "child" SIMs come at an additional cost, though — as little as $10 per month for an extra 1GB and data access from a tablet, or $30 for 4GB. The smartphone SIM plans boost data at $30 for 1GB, $40 for 2GB, $50 for 3GB and an additional 300 minutes of international calls, or $70 per month for the previous tier with 12 months of Spotify Premium subscription included.

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