This Guy Jumped Off A 10-Storey Building While On Fire Because Why Not

This Guy Jumped Off a 10-Story Building While on Fire Because Why Not

I shouldn't have to say it, but I'm going to anyways — do not try to jump off a building while on fire.

Now that the customary "don't be an idiot" PSA is out of the way, this video is insane. A Russian stuntman jumped 30 metres off a building while on fire. Pulling off his best Assassin's Creed Leap of Faith impersonation, the guy went back first into a pile of snow. He wasn't even using a stunt air bag.

From what I can tell, this wasn't for a movie or anything. As soon as he hits the snow, and black smoke curls out from the frosty embankment, people rush to see if he's ok. You think for a second he's about to get arrested for his little display, but then he's immediately interviewed about the experience. I can't tell if this guy is a hero or just completely crazy. Maybe both.

Above is the stunt seen from the ground, you'll have to head over the YouTube to see the first-person perspective of the dangerous dive. [The Daily Dot]

GIF viaAlexandr Chernikov

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    Stuntman? Madman more like.

    Presumably this is what Krokodil makes you think is a good idea.

    One only becomes a "stunt man" after surviving this sort of idiocy.

    Otherwise they become a statistic.

    Not a lot of respect for the policemen - Who the hell grabs someone who could have a spinal injury by the shoulders and pulls?

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