There's A Wearable For Sex Tracking Now

There's a Wearable for Sex Tracking Now

Start your day off with a slice of future: including sex tracking, Apple's continuing VR ambitions, and music created... by your butt. Some of the news in the last 24 hours has been pretty interesting.

Fitness trackers go from convenience to kinky

Your typical fitness tracker can do a lot neat things, sure. It can keep track of your calories, count your steps, monitor how you sleep, and the real complex ones can even measure stress levels and heart rate. But there's one "fitness" activity that has never been explicitly account for — sex.

There's a Wearable for Sex Tracking Now

Geeksphone, the tech makers behind the security-conscious, Android-forked Blackphone, are making a new wearable that specifically tracks sex. We've known that other trackers could already cobble together that data, but this tracker will have a specific mode the user will activate before doing the deed and will track calories burned and number of times per day/week. [TechCrunch]

Pebble Is Gearing Up for New Gear

We love the Pebble Watch. That is no secret. But it's been more than a year since we've seen new hardware from the small startup. Now, it would seem the company is ready to remedy that hardware deficiency. Right now, Pebble's website is updated with a countdown ticker (set for about four days for now), where we'll most likely see the next Pebble.

Current rumours say the watch will be wider, thinner, and have a colour display — but will still stick with being touchless. Whatever is announced all we can really says is fiiinnaaallly. [9to5Mac]

Just watch it

Ty, TwerkQueen Louise. [Engadget]


Apple want in on VR. It's already posted a buncha patents and job postings, and now Cupertino is looking for a software engineer with "proven track record" in VR and AR. Iiiinteresting. []

Your Apps, Updated

IFTTT is preparing for the smartwatch future and slimming down its service to be fully wrist friendly. [Quartz]

Google's Inbox continues its mission to redefine email by expanding to iPad, Safari and Firefox though they won't to pay some more attention on the app itself. [Official Gmail Blog]

Google's mission to make the internet more kid-friendly begins with a new PG-rated YouTube app. [Engadget]


BlackBerry's been baking in the Amazon app store for all its new devices, and now its old handsets are getting some much-needed app TLC. [Re/code]

Bucket of Random

Is your multi-million dollar Jackson Pollock an original? This computer can tell. [Smithsonian]

One electric car battery company is sick of Apple stealing all its employees. I smell a lawsuit brewing. [Reuters]

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