There's A Restaurant In Melbourne That Serves Exclusively Cereal

There's nothing better than cereal for dinner. You get home after a massive day and pour yourself a delicious bowl of corn flakes to rip into. Clearly, Bryan Robertson thinks so too. He's the man behind Cereal Anytime: a restaurant opening in Melbourne that plans on serving nothing but cereal all-day, everyday.

Business Insider reports that Robertson is opening the restaurant with more than 16 different cereals on the menu being sold for just $4 each. You can choose any kind of milk you want on the cereal, including almond, soy, skim and more.

You'll also be able to get add-ons for $2 each, including different kinds of berries, yoghurts and Milo (!!!).

It's about social responsibility as well: you'll be able to shout a bowl of cereal for someone in need when you attend the restaurant.

Cereal Anytime is set to be based on Swan St in Melbourne from 19 February.

Read more on Business Insider.

Image: Shutterstock

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