Sony’s New 4K Action Cam Has A Dedicated Drone Mode [Video]

Sony’s New 4K Action Cam Has A Dedicated Drone Mode [Video]

This is seriously pretty cool. The latest version of Sony’s Action Cam comes with an advanced image-stabiliser that was especially designed for use with RC drones. The result is silky-smooth aerial shots instead of the ugly juddering that drone footage is infamous for. Check out this side-by-side comparison video for a taste of the results.

If you’ve ever attempted to shoot video with a drone before, you know how problematic the chassis vibrations can be. More often than not, the results look like they were captured with a broomstick attached to a bike riding across corrugated iron.

Sony’s new ActionCam range (essentially the company’s answer to GoPro) boasts an improved electronic image stabilisation system that is reportedly three times more effective than previous versions. It is particularly well suited to the high-frequency motor vibration caused by flying drones; a task it was specifically tailored for.

If the above video is anything to go by, this mode could be the trump card Sony needs to distinguish itself in the overcrowded action cam market. On the other hand, the footage came directly from Sony and should be viewed with a healthy dose of skepticism until we’ve tried the mode out for ourselves.

You can read a review of the flasgship model here.