Sesame Street Perfectly Parodies House Of Cards

Sesame Street perfectly parodies House of Cards

Though only parents and maybe a handful of Underwoodian kids watching would understand the parody, Sesame Street pretty much nailed House of Cards in a skit about the Three Little Pigs. Frank Underwolf stars and recreates the same feel of the political drama -- soliloquies, political plotting, etc -- only with muppets instead.

It actually sums up the first 2 seasons of House of Cards quite nicely and obviously delivers a classic lesson too.


    Nice :)

    Though I reckon the current House of Cards is a pale parody of the BBC original TBH.

      The original is available via Netflix as well. I started watching it but never got around to finishing. The first couple of episodes seemed very similar but I imagine it diverges a bit as it progresses.

    This article wasnt stolen off reddit at allllllllllllllll lol

    (btw, the birdman parody "Big Birdman" is amazing)

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