Samsung Galaxy S6 Shown Off With ‘Six Appeal’ Tagline

Samsung Galaxy S6 Shown Off With ‘Six Appeal’ Tagline

One US mobile carrier jumps the gun, Google get serious about mobile payments, and Apple considers a big hardware change for iPhones. It’s been a busy few days, and it’s all here on BitStream.

A great phone with a terrible tagline

As is tradition with most major smartphones a week out from their official reveals, renders and landing pages are popping up piecemeal to show off the contours and styling of the much-anticipated devices. Over the weekend, HTC couldn’t escape a leak of its own and the upcoming Galaxy S6 is no different, except it seems this leak wasn’t really an accident because the page, posted by T-Mobile, is still up for anyone to see.

This S6 definitely looks to the be the S6 Edge with the front slightly sloping toward the bezel. But man, that tagline. The look of smartphones, and really any tech devices (except maybe like sex toys) should never, ever be called — or even alluded to — as sexy. Just. No. Whenever someone tells me, “Oh man, that phone is sexy.” I feel like I need to go take a shower.

Seems like a nice-looking phone though. [Android Central]

iWear: Hacker runs iPhone notifications of a Moto 360

The wait for the Apple Watch has been an excruciating one. Not only was the thing announced back in September, but after such a long wait, it seems the first generation won’t even be near as amazing as Apple hoped. With all the great wearables already out there already running Android Wear, one hacker decided he was just going to make his own Apple Watch by successfully pushing text message notifications from his iPhone 6 to a Moto 360. Sure, it’s just one feature, but it’s a start! Take a look.


  • Google may be updating how search results display on mobile, sacrificing space for design. [Android Police]
  • iPhones may be giving up on IPS LCD displays and finally transitioning to OLED, meaning deeper blacks and less power consumption. [Trusted Reviews]
  • Apple may use an OS X-like public beta program for iOS 8.3 and iOS 9. Apple must be getting tired of “buggy” complaints. [TechCrunch]

Your Apps, Updated

  • Microsoft is making an People Sense app to find friends on Windows Phone. Too bad hardly anyone has friends on Windows Phone. [Microsoft Place]


  • LG wants to become king of the middle by launching four new mid-range handsets. [The Next Web]
  • Motorola says it has something “exciting” to show on February 25. Maybe it’s a new Moto 360 complete with Superfish adware! [The Verge]
  • If the teaser image up above wasn’t enough to satisfy your S6 craving, Samsung also released this video that’s all close-ups and expository monologue.

Bucket of Random

  • Twitch announces its own convention, both for broadcasters and viewers, and will call San Francisco home September 25-26. [Twitch]
  • A Legoland employee and comic lover’s obituary reads that he was “upper cut by Batman” and then died. [CNET]

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