LG's New Smartwatch Is the All-Metal, Luxury Urbane

Announced in the run-up to Mobile World Congress in a fortnight, LG's new Urbane smartwatch brings a bit of much-needed high fashion to a segment currently dominated by straightforward, staid designs, square faces and a focus on fitness. This little timepiece isn't for an afternoon in the gym -- it's for a night out at the opera.

Actually reminding us quite a bit of the Asus ZenWatch, the new LG Watch Urbane will be available in either gunmetal grey or rose gold, both with a dark brown contrast-stitched wrist-strap. If you thought the G Watch R was a little bit chunky, you'll be pleased to know the Urbane is apparently a little thinner (although the 10.9mm spec is, on paper, chunkier than the R's 9.7mm).

I've got a lot of time for LG's smartwatches. (Excuse the pun.) On the G Watch R and newer ones, the crown is actually functional for powering on and off the display in the power-saving 'theatre' mode, the round OLED face can be really bright if you need it to be a temporary torch, battery life is good, and the hardware is more than fast enough for the task of everyday Android Wear duties. The Urbane looks like it'll continue with the now tried-and-tested formula, and that's a good thing.

Urbane is functionally similar to the existing G Watch R -- it has a 1.3-inch P-OLED display, a Snapdragon 400 processor and 4GB of temporary onboard storage -- handy with the newly-added ability to use an Android Wear watch for storing music while you're out running with a pair of Bluetooth earphones. The display is round, mimicking a regular analog watch, and going on LG's previous history the Watch Urbane should have some sophisticated faces to choose from as well.

Crucially, the Urbane retains the standard 22mm strap lug, so you can augment the Urbane with whichever artisanal alligator or snake or racoon skin wrist-strap you feel like wearing on any given day. At the moment, there's no Aussie pricing or availability -- expect that closer to the March 2nd kick-off date for MWC 2015. We'll be there, so stay tuned for more mobile goodies as it happens. [LG]



    So whats different in terms of specs with this watch in comparison to the LG G Watch R? Is it just aesthetics and nothing more? Or does this new watch have GPS etc?

      If you read the link at the end, you'll see that hardware details are still fairly scant. We only know what LG has decided to tell us in their press release.

      It doesn't look like there's GPS though.

        The latest article on this watch in Giz today suggests that its the same watch with new aesthetics. Still much nicer than the original G Watch R design, and this one I'd definately consider getting if it is below $400 AU.

    LG seem to be the only company who "gets" smart watches. I.e: they should be watches that are smart, not microtablets you wear on your wrist.

    Most people wouldn't be caught wearing something like a Gear S, or even an iWatch. They lack a very important something; timelessness. Questions of obsolescence aside, in ten years, which will still look like it isn't a product of the mid-2010s? The Gear S will look clunky, the iWatch will look a bit like a current iPhone (imagine having an iPhone 3G watch now). The less said about 1st gent Android wear the better

    Meanwhile, the G Watch R and this one won't look out of place next to the classic Divers and fashion watches, and with the added benefit of a standard strap which let's you change it accord to current vogue. It is (theoretically; let's not forget that technological obsolescence) a watch you would be happy to pass on to your kids or keep in your permanent collection.

    Sold. Looks fantastic. Was wanting something built like a G Watch R but stylish like a Moto 360. This is even better.

    Keen to see it in person. I think I'd go the silver one, as the gold looks a bit feminine.

    You mean the digital calculator watches from the 1980's aren't stylish anymore....

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