Here's A Weird Hand Some Horrible App Probably Wants Us To Show You

Here's a Weird Hand Some Horrible App Probably Wants Us to Show You

Earlier today, we received a beautifully crafted, oh so mysterious, ceramic hand here at Gizmodo HQ. Who could it be from? What does it mean? Where does the website on the card take you? Who has the answers? We do! But we're sure as hell not going to tell you, 'cause fuck those guys.

Apparently, some agency thought they'd pique our interest with this little stunt — and they did! Though we know you're probably curious what the stunt was for, trust us — it's not worth it.

But hey, check out that hand. It looks like it came straight out of some old-timey carnival! And the accompanying note even claims it's an original [REDACTED] from the founder's [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED].

Here's a Weird Hand Some Horrible App Probably Wants Us to Show You

The weird thing, though, is that the website on the card, [REDACTED].com, is almost totally nonsensical. Obviously the [REDACTED] and the hand are connected, but what does it all mean?

Take your pick:

  • There is a terrible rideshare/dating/anonymous messaging/dogecoin app coming out that you don't want or need.
  • Someone made another godforsaken art project that is "powered by tweets."
  • A recent survey revealed that millennials have forgotten what it's like to know the touch of another human.

Or, most likely of all:

  • Some ad agency just wasted a whole lot of money sending out faux-aged ceramic hands to reporters.
Here's a Weird Hand Some Horrible App Probably Wants Us to Show You

If you're still curious to find out more: Go outside and try to forget this ever happened.

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    I'm sorry, but what the [redacted] was the point of this article?

      The point was clearly "Fuck you, [redacted]!"

        I gotta say, at times I get sick of the non-articles but this one was gold. Fuck them indeed! Thanks for sparing us from some of the inane marketing bullshit that there is already too much of in this world, Giz.

    Why the hell would anyone write such a pointless article. I am offended that someone at gizmodo would even consider publishing this and am seriously considering whether or not I should ever browse this site again. I hope the person who OK'd this article loses their job and never finds employment again for the remainder of their useless life.

      It's OK - Just wait a moment and there will be some more undocumented pictures of military aircraft and "Tremendously Satisfying" gifs of automated food production coming your way.

    Knowing Gawker I'd suggest that the whole point of this article actually is to assist drum up hype for this mysterious campaign. On a completely unrelated topic, it's probably a solid idea to scrub the metadata from your iPhone before you upload the pic.

    I just figured it was a hugely overstated "f#ck you, you're not getting any free promotion out of us!" And "let that be a lesson for the rest of you, stupid ad companies!" That needlessly included the readership.

    It's used to make rubber and latex gloves. Dip, dry, peel.

    Bravo. I can imaging all the unsolicited crud you guys get.

    Considering it was Valentines, I was worried it was some sort of marital aid....

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