Google Is Going To Make Another Chromebook Pixel

Google Is Going To Make Another Chromebook Pixel

Remember the Pixel, that beautiful, high-end, ludicrously expensive Chromebook that comes with a laundry list of reasons to not buy it? Get ready for number two. Google has announced it has a sequel “coming soon.”

Spotted by OMGChrome, the “announcement” came in the form of a comment by Google’s Renee Niemi at an event called Teamwork 2015. There was a video of the comment (I saw it!) but it’s now been made private.

In it Niemi stresses that, like last time, this is a development platform, a concept, a dream of a Chromebook that’s not meant to sell millions. As such, Niemi said, they won’t be selling a ton of them, and it’s probably safe to read between the lines here and assume that means it will also be crazy expensive. The original Pixel, if you’ll recall, was $US1300.

The specifics are thin, but apparently the new Pixel will have a new, Type-C USB port. That’s the reversible one! Worth $US1000 easy. We’ve reached out to Google for more details about the new top-of-the-line Chromebook and will update with specifics if there are more to be had.

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