Google Earth Pro Is Now Free

Google Earth Pro Is Now Available for Free

Google Earth Pro, the premium version of Google's popular Google Earth service, is now free. Google sliced the price from $US400 a year, so this is a pretty solid deal. If you like to make 3D measurements or create HD videos of virtual trips around the world, I'd jump on this. You can download the software key directly from Google and start an online global journey.

If you spent the past ten years paying $US400 for the service, this news is probably annoying. Unlike standard Google Earth, Google Earth Pro comes with a suite of professional-grade features, like a map-making tool. It's not clear why Google decided on this freebie.



    Given the amount of personal information they want from you in order to download the software, I'd say maybe not that free!

      Just put BS info.... :\

        Who are you kidding, it's google they still know it's you =P

    Looks like a lot of people are trying to download it. I cannot complete the key request
    due to We're sorry. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later..

    Can't see anyway to get it for android. That sucks.

    We use Google Earth Pro at Channel 9 and it is not really very good. There is no way you can get the kind of 3D you see in that image above. In the Sydney CBD you'll get all the big buildings as 3D models but they just look stuck onto the otherwise flat map. Out in the suburbs, it has the contours of the terrain but the map is just a flat projection on that. Apple Maps' does a much, much better job of 3D (but we can't record/render animations so it's useless to us).

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