Globalgig's Mobile Data Roaming Is Adding 4G, Works In 84 Countries

Being a frequent traveller used to mean being cut off from your email and social media unless you were lucky enough to find a free or paid Wi-Fi hotspot. International mobile data has become a lot cheaper over the last couple of years, but it's still a little confusing depending on which Aussie carrier you use. If you don't want to shell out for your home telco's daily roaming rates or bundles, there's another legitimate option in Globalgig.

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Globalgig: Australian Review

Globalgig's prices have always been competitive, but the lack of 4G access in Australia meant there were better choices if you wanted to use it in-country. Not so any more — the new 4G Flexi plan from Globalgig works over the Optus 4G network in Australia, with pretty reasonable data pricing at 250MB for $5, 1GB for $10, 3GB for $20, 5GB for $30 or 10GB for $50 per month. Then when you leave the country, you'll pay 10 cents per megabyte pro rata in 22 countries (including the USA, UK and much of Europe) and 25 cents per megabyte in a further 17 countries for 3G access wherever available.

Beyond adding 4G, Globalgig has also rejigged its 3G-everywhere global roaming. If you're a frequent traveler over the Pacific, you'll want Go Europe & USA with plans covering most of those two continents and Australia with a monthly cost for included data of $20 for 250MB, 1GB for $30, 3GB for $50 or 5GB for $70. Hong Kong and New Zealand will set you back a flat 25 cents per megabyte.

Worldwide jetsetters, though, will want Go Global — a flat-rate for data in Australia and a massive 69 other countries at 250MB for $30, 1GB for $50, 3GB for $100 or 5GB for $170. If you're the kind of heavy data user that travels around the world on a regular basis — maybe if you're a technology journalist for Gizmodo Australia (and you're currently in Munich and Oslo and I hate you) — then this is the plan to get.

I'm a big fan of Globalgig, purely for the fact that it's a service that complements my own mobile contract with Telstra. Sometimes Telstra is a little cheaper with its international data roaming packs, but Globalgig's partnerships means it works in some places where Telstra doesn't have included data, and it's cheaper to boot. [Globalgig]



    So... you pay $10 for a GB locally - then another $100 (or even $250) for a GB if you use it overseas. Doesn't sound that great to me.

      But, but, but... The convenience of not having to change sims is well worth the exponential markup.

      So you switch to a 3G plan then pay $30 or $50 for that GB when you're overseas.

    Ludicrous pricing. Because it's not that hard to buy a local SIM card when traveling...

    Some people are just stupid enough that they can't be bothered doing anything at all to keep their travel costs down, kudos to the companies that target these meat axes.


    I travel a lot for work, mainly in the developing world, and all you need do is buy a local sim card while you wait for your luggage. Takes 10 minutes and costs very little.

      +1 most people have a spare (or 2 or 3) phones these days and many people even have spare 4G capable phones.

      Getting a local sim also means you can switch carriers quickly if the reception or data speeds aren't up to it.

      Products like globalgig are for people who think paying $24 a day for in-hotel wifi is good value.

      More often than not, the local mobile phone network is significantly faster because the hotel put their wifi infrastructure in 10 years ago and can't see any point in upgrading while the gravy train is still chugging along.

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    I have used SimCorner a few times when travelling (USA and Bali), and they basically give you a local sim card with instructions before you get there. I ordered online but saw they have a store in Sydney airport when I was leaving.

    Very cheap and just takes the hassle out of trying to buy one at an airport or store in another country when you land.

    Know Roaming is another option, with call diversion from Australia to your mobile whilst overseas.

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