Finally, Something That Can Beat The Tesla Model S P85D In A Race

We've been following the racing prowess of the frankly-bonkers Tesla Model S P85D for a while now. It seems to monster anything it comes across. But now a challenger has appeared in the form of a Lamborghini appears to be able to take down the supercharged electric monster car.

The Lambo in question is the Gallardo LP570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale. It's a road-version of a Lamborghini racer which packs in a huge amount of power: 570bhp as the name suggests.

The supercharged Model S is great off the line as per usual, but watch as the Lambo slowly ropes it in toward the finish as it taps into its immense power plant under the hood.

Despite the eventual loss, the Model S is still a stupidly impressive car that it can hold off a fierce racing Lamborghini!

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