Ease The Wait For Game Of Thrones Season 5 With This Blooper Video

Even with just over a month left until the premiere of season five of Game of Thrones, it still feels like an eternity away. You could spend the interim watching the whole series again, reading the books, or even staging mock meetings of the Small Council in your living room. It's all old-hat though compared to this new blooper reel featuring Maisie Williams, Lena Headey and Peter Dinklage.

According to Pocket-lint's Rik Henderson, this clip was a special present to visitors of the GoT exhibit and as such, is unlisted on YouTube.

However, this being the internet and all, the video didn't take long to make its way to the web at large.

It contains a minute and a half's worth of season four stuff ups from the cast and while there are a few laughs had, it's not quite in the same league as Star Trek: The Next Generation. But then, Worf is a really funny guy.

[YouTube, via Pocket-lint]

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