A 49-Port USB Hub Still Isn’t Enough

So how many ports on a USB hub are too many? There’s no answer to that question because no matter how many you have, you’ll always need at least one more. But Brando’s new 49-port USB charging hub should keep you satisfied for at least a little while.

Stop and think about just how many devices you have at work or home that can be charged via USB, from smartphones, to smartwatches, to children’s toys, to the miscellaneous laptop accessories around your desk. All of a sudden, 49 ports doesn’t seem that obscene.

At $US174 it isn’t cheap, and you’ll need to supply your own ATX power supply, just like you’d find in a desktop computer. And it’s limited to a max output of just 1.5A at each port so larger devices like tablets might not be able to charge from it. But everything else is fair game, and while this is mostly designed for IT departments who want to keep an endless supply of devices charged for employees, it would also make for the perfect central charging hub at home. [Brando via The Red Ferret Journal]