What's The Most Absurd Big Foot Photo You've Ever Seen?

What's the Most Absurd Big Foot Photo You've Ever Seen?

Only a few days into 2015, and we already did it. We caught Big Foot. What a year!

Except that -- this is probably not a picture of Big Foot. He (or she!) was probably not casually bathing in the middle of a shady, forested glen. And his fur is probably not made of polyester. That being said, John Rodriguez, the 66-year-old retired electrician who sent particular bit of art in to the Huffington Post, does deserve to be commended. This is without a doubt, the worst, most bizarre modern attempt at pawning off Big Foot evidence that I have ever seen.

But surely there must be worse (thus better) out there. So tell us, dear readers, what is the most absurd attempt at proving the existence of a Big Foot, Yeti, Loch Ness Monster, and/or fantastical being of your choosing, that you have ever seen? Let us know down below. [Huffington Post]


    How come you never see Big Foot children ? They do have children don't they ? They must have a very small community cause they are so hard to find. Poor Big Foot's.

    Really, I am sick of the way people seem to think that a claim with little or no evidence is reasonable to accept if it can't be disproved. There are so many flavors of bullshit that are perpetuated by this kind of thinking, Bigfoot is one of the least harmful ones.

      Big Foot is BS, but it's generally accepted that there is a species of ape in North America that has yet to be identified. There's no way it's a man-beast missing-link, however.

        Umm... "generally accepted" by whom, exactly? I mean, I can imagine a few examples of exotic runaway apes surviving in the wild, but a breeding population required for an indigenous species makes it extremely unlikely that a few distant, blurry photos are the only evidence for them, surely?


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