What New Car Is BMW Teasing Us With?

What is that noise? Is it the whirr of an electric motor at high RPMs? Is is the spooling of a turbocharger? Is there an F1 car in there somewhere?

There's a new BMW being unveiled tomorrow in the UK, and a 14-second YouTube clip with a single frame of useful video is the only official hint of the new car's existence.

Jalopnik thought it might be an M2, which would be pretty cool — we always need some more ridiculously high-powered small European cars. Twitter is pretty sure it's a refreshed 1 Series, though, since subscribers of Autobild magazine are getting next month's issues early:

But until its official unveiling in a few hours, we don't know whether it'll be coming to Australia, as well as spec and trim levels and just how interesting it might be. My hope is that BMW is bringing back the 1 Series ActiveE.

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