Twitter Now Uses Bing To Translate Weird Foreign Tweets

Twitter Now Uses Bing To Translate Weird Foreign Tweets

If you've always looked longingly over the Fence of Babel at all those foreigners making jokes that you know would be funny, if only you could understand them, then fear not: Twitter has harnessed the power of the internet's second-best translation tool into its service.

As of right now, tweets in a foreign language get a little globe in the top-right of the card. Click it, and you'll get to the detail tweet page, still in the foreign language. But if you persevere and click again (and don't give up and go get coffee, like I did the first three times), you'll be rewarded with the fact, in English, that President Putin is having a working meeting with the Governor of the Moscow region. Translation is currently active on web, iOS and Android apps.


    Bing must be spending a lot on stuff like this for publicity, because I can't see why websites wouldn't just use Google's translate service otherwise.

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